Walshaw vs LAFC 1st


Lancashire FA Amateur Shield, Round Three

Saturday 21st October, 2017


The achievement of Leigh Athletic reaching the quarter finals of the Lancashire FA Amateur Shield should not be underestimated. In the previous rounds they have played teams from higher divisions in the West Lancashire league and this time round it was a team from the Premier Division of the Manchester Football League, again a league currently above them, that they came across, and ultimately defeated.

But Athletic knew that if they aspire to be in that higher division then these are the teams they will come up against on a weekly basis.

In atrocious weather, swirling winds and torrential rain, they weathered the football storm that Walshaw threw at them early on. Matt Rogers and Daniel Babilinski were solid at the back, and alongside them, it was a baptism of fire for Adam Guy. But Leigh defended resolutely and restricted the home side to shots from distance, which were either way off target or easily dealt with by ‘keeper Craig Holmes.

Chances were few in the first half for Leigh, but Thomas Babilinski chased everything down, and Tom Sims hit the cross bar in the dying seconds of the half.

The wind favoured Walshaw in the second half but they could break down the solid Athletic defence, and when Keeran Parker broke through and hit the post it looked like both teams would be toiling in vain. However, with twenty minutes remaining, Parker broke through again and was this time taken out by a Walshaw defender. Penalty. Converted by Parker himself.

Walshaw hustled and bustled for the last twenty minutes, chances came and went, Leigh stood strong and, in the end, did enough to deserve the victory.


STARTING LINE UP: Craig Holmes; Daniel Babilinski, Adam Guy, Matt Rogers; Grady Mountford, Kerim Jones, Thomas Sims, Matthew Babilinski, Elliot Patrick; Keeran Parker, Thomas Babilinski

SUBSTITUTES (Used): Joshua Brennan, Dean Dearden, Adam Jones


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