Hollinwood vs LAFC 1st

Manchester Football League Division One
Saturday 12th August, 2017

Leigh Athletic got their league campaign off to a winning start, but only just.
Three goals in the last seven minutes turned a 1-3 scoreline around and proved that, for the full ninety minutes The ‘Tics will never give up.

It could, and should have been so much easier. A penalty shout for a bundled tackle on Joshua Brennan should have been given, but it was waved away by the referee. But even he couldn’t ignore the hand ball five minutes later. Milo Ogden kept his cool and slotted home the games opener.

From then Leigh should have increased their lead but Bradley McColl, Tom Scott, and in particular Brennan all missed golden opportunities to increase the lead.
But defensive errors are still haunting Athletic, and just before half time Hollinwood equalised with their first serious assault on goal. Craig Holmes produced a class save, but the rebound fell to the opposition and the pounced on it.

Worst was to come, two more errors early in the second half meant that on the hour, the game was as good as lost.

Except that Athletic would not lie down. On eighty-three minutes Brennan finally giot the goal he deserved. Four minutes later Dave Dooley headed home from close range and in the final minute Tom Scott headed home the winner.
Overall, a good game for the eye, a bad one for the heart.

STARTING LINE UP: Craig Holmes; Dave Dooley, Daniel Babilinski, Ben Canny, Thomas Babilinski; Sean Mountford, Milo Ogden, Tom Scott: Bradley McColl, Matthew Babilinski, Joshua Brennan

SUBSTITUTES (Used): Luke Brickley, Adam Jones, David Hunt

MAN OF THE MATCH: Joshua Brennan

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