ACC : Ladybridge vs LAFC 1st


Atherton Charity Cup, Group C

Wednesday 2nd August, 2017


There can be no excuses for such a score. It’s a simple fact that, on this occasion, Leigh were not good enough. Missing several key players should not have produced such a poor performance, neither should the lack of an out and out striker. There were enough in the starting line-up who were attempting to stake a claim for a first team spot and should have been up to the challenge, but, on this occasion, they were not.

But whilst Athletic were poor, let’s not take anything away from Ladybridge, who won this trophy two seasons ago. They played the offside line very well, too well at times for the referee who was guessing most of the time.

At nil-one down, Leigh were still in the game but the second, on the stroke of half time was more of an injustice than deserved. Athletic were caught flatfooted two minutes after the break and from that point, in the main, they conceded the defeat.

Tom Scott worked himself tirelessly, but again he was let down by the supporting players. Grady Mountford, likewise didn’t get the support.

In the end, the result didn’t matter, apart from the pride aspect, as Leigh were already guaranteed a quarter final berth. But that, again, is no excuse for the general performance.

More will be expected if they are to regain their early pre-season form. This should be the wake-up call needed to relight the fire and move forward purposefully.


STARTING LINE UP: Craig Holmes; Grady Mountford, Daniel Babilinski, Matt Rogers, Dale Zinyemba; Sean Mountford, Scott Hough, Sam Rowlands, Tom Scott, Bradley McColl; Matthew Babilinski

SUBSTITUTES (Used): Adam Jones, David Hunt


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